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Dear Joshua Family Subscribers  & Weblog readers:

Today, i am sending out a special word today from Mike and Cindy Jacobs, which came in recently via Chuck Pierce. I had tried to get this out to you sooner on the elist, but the elist server was down last Sunday, and for most of the day on Monday.

The following message has much to do with the recent downpours and flooding that have been taking place, and the spiritual signifance of what the Lord is doing through this. I know that this will speak to your heart, and will refresh your spirit with rain from heaven.

Blessings in Christ, L.D. Oxford


Dear Warring Saints:

I am forwarding a message that Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International sent out yesterday. Whereas some areas of the nation are suffering from severe drought, Texas and much of the I-35 corridor has seen record rains.

In areas of severe flooding, continue to pray for a sweeping move of the Holy Spirit and that God’s people will move to the higher ground He is calling us to possess.


Chuck D. Pierce



First published on (June 29, 2007)


Red Oak, TX: It is pouring rain in Texas, Oklahoma and across portions of the Midwest. CNN reports, “Storms dumped up to 18 inches of rain on parts of central Texas, flooding several towns and stranding dozens of people on rooftops, cars and in trees.” Entire article: at Cnn

The Holy Spirit has spoken through His prophets, and He is releasing a new cleansing move of holiness across the face of the earth. Last June, through two prophesies given in Washington DC, the word came that God is “Washing Washington”.

This is now extending all along the I-35 corridor. The Doppler radar has resembled a river of fire as it showed the places of the most intense rain – most of them are located along I-35. In addition, the floodgates across the state of Texas have been opened, and we are preparing for 2008, the year of the open gates.

During October 2006, Chuck Pierce prophesied: “This will be the year the RIVERS will rise! Watch where the heavens open and floods (physical) reach the earth, and document those places! Those are places targeted for a Holy Spirit invasion. Rising flood waters will cause you to move to higher ground. As the River of Holy Spirit rises, you will find yourself moving to the high places.”

Go to the prophecy: Here

Kim Clement also prophesied about the rain, saying that the season was changing and there would be no more drought. Clement stated that the change in season will lead to multiplication. “‘No more drought,’ says the Spirit of the Lord. The season of subtraction, the season of drought has come to an end. And the season of multiplication has begun. It has begun.”

Go to the prophecy:  at Light the highway

The drought has surely ended, as the national weather service reports that the rainfall totals have more than compensated for the drought most of Texas has been experiencing since 2005.


According to the prophecies, the rain is a sign that God is leading His people to higher places. The areas that have seen flooding will now see the work of the Holy Spirit come. The rain is the sign of a changing season – instead of drought and lack there will be multiplication.

Chuck Pierce shared in an update from March 15 that we are entering a season of travail and that “this travail season could take us through July.” Chuck shares that, “Travail is defined as birthing, delivering, it is not a comfortable experience.

Often times, a person will initially interpret travail emotionally and become introspective, suspecting something is wrong with them. However, it is not an emotion, it is the burden of the Lord, and the voice of the Lord coming to a person as a burden to draw them into partnering with Him to birth and/or to war.”


Chuck Pierce shares some valuable suggestions for how to respond in a season of travail: HerePray for God to send his promised Holy Spirit work to the flooded areas. Also pray for the safety of those living in the areas experiencing rainfall. Eleven people have died in the past eleven days of severe weather, and the forecast is expecting more.


Be part of this cleansing move of God during Light The Highway, October 28-December 1, 2007. Twelve 24/7 prayer rooms, from Laredo, TX to Duluth, MN have already partnered with us to pray during this time.

TBN Enlace (Spanish) has also partnered with us to cover South and Central America and Mexico with prayer. And up north, the Canadian Prayer Network is going to prayer drive the Trans-Canadian Highway to establish it as highway of holiness.

We have recently learned of the E-35 highway that runs across Europe. If you are located on this highway and would like to join in prayer as well, we encourage you to go to Light the highway and start your own page!

Get equipped to raise up a canopy of holiness around the world at our online store,  here and keep an eye out for Cindy’s new book: The Reformation Manifesto, coming January 2008. Learn how to reform your nation at every level.


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    PLEASE pray for my health, and weight issues. I have been so sick lately, and it holds me back on so much. I want to be healthy, and have energy, and be out there serving the Lord. Also taking care of my family as I should be. The Doctor said I need to lose 35pounds, have high blood pressure, and horrible coughing, and ear problems.
    Thankyou i am so grateful..
    Love In Christ
    God Bless

    Comment by cheryl | February 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Truthful words, some truthful words dude. Thanks for makin my day.

    Comment by BOYLOARDADE | December 11, 2009 | Reply

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